Tax advantages of Long Term Care insurance for individuals

When an individual owns a tax qualified Long Term Care insurance plan the IRS allows a tax deduction based on age when completing their annual 1040 tax return. The allowable deduction for 2017 is:

-•- age 40 and under = $410. Up from $390 in 2016.

-•- 41 through 50 = $770. Up from $730.

-•- 51 through 60 = $1,530. Up from $1,460.

-•- 61 through 70 = $4,090. Up from $3,900.

-•- 71 and older = $5,110. Up from $4,870.

The amount of a persons deduction is added to any other unreimbursed medical expenses and then any amount above 10% of their AGI for individuals under age 65 is a deduction. Individuals 65 and older can continue to deduct, this year, amounts above 7.5% of their AGI.

When this special kind of family protection is purchased through a business more flexibility on taxes is available than with health insurance.

  • A Sole Proprietor can deduct as a business expense up to the age based schedule amount. It is not subject to the AGI limitation for individuals.
  • Businesses operating as a Partnership, or in an LLC can take the full premium as a business expense. The owner(s) then take the age based amount as a personal medical expense deduction. Premium amounts above the schedule would generally become taxable income to the owner.
  • Incorporated businesses: The entire premium is a business expense and there is no taxable income to the employee when the premium is paid or when benefits are received. One special advantage is IRS regulations allow a plan to be purchased just for the owner and spouse and select executives such as Vice Presidents and their spouses.

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