Sharing a collection of videos & information on the advantages of Long Term Care insurance. Hope it is useful.

  • Two insightful videos from the Center of Aging Services on how technology can be used to help with care giving. It's a non profit association of foundations, academic and applied researchers, and health and social service providers:
    • The first video is Imagine - the Future of Aging. "A glimpse, through the eyes of one family, of what the future of aging could look like with help from developing technologies that are possible, practical, and affordable."
    • The second video is, Transforming an Aging Nation,  "industry experts describe how these technologies can potentially improve health care, preserve independence, and ensure quality of life for seniors.
    • The "helping technology" in the videos will also be a step toward offsetting the shortage of professional caregivers.
  • The Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care an alliance between the state and the insurance industry has a very informative site. Three insightful and useful pages, which may be of interest:
  • - a state of CT created site with with lots of information on how to find care and support and other services.
  • 81% of Americans age 45 to 55 think they should know more about Long Term Care insurance. The 3in4 Need More Association's Health Care Isn't Enough site includes great points from Dr. Marion.
  • The federal Administration on Aging developed a site to help individuals and their families think about and plan for what they want to happen in case long term services and support are needed.
  • The federal government offers federal employees, active and retired military members, and their qualified relatives, an opportunity to purchase Long Term Care insurance from a private company if medically qualified. The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program reinforces the importance of private coverage and serves as "a statement from our government about the importance of long term care insurance".


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